Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is the Valentine Day?

The name "ValentinesThe Name of a Roman saint called Valentines
Valentines Day
Valentine Day is the annual celebration on every February 14, people celebrate love, affection, care and Romance.

Origin: This day originates from Ancient Christians being tortured to death after Accepting and Loving Christianity and denying Pagan Religion. Saint Valentine served the church as a religious leader during the Emperor Claudia, King Claudia arrested and imprisoned. St. Valentine due to his faith in Christianity, He tortured him to death on February, 14 269 AD. Due to his Strong Christian Faith Pope Gelasius proclaimed on February 14, to be the day to remember Saint Valentino in 496 AD.

How do we take this Day?
People take this day in different perception basing on their Normal Behaviors. Many people consider this day as a day of Love, day to build new relationships, day to reconcile and day to have some funny with the loved ones. But the worst thing people consider this day as a day of being free to do evil things; this is an abomination to God. It’s better if we take this religious way as the ancient Christians did. God so loved the world, and offer his son as a sacrifice for our sins. It is well to spend the time we have to purify and repent of our sins. Who are you before God compared to those who were brutally slaughtered and killed for the protection of their faith? To their last Breath, they Loved Jesus.
QUESTION: What do you do during Valentine day? Do you defend Christianity to your last Breath? 
LOVE: I don’t mean that People should not love one another,  we should love one another with Divine love, true love, honesty Love. These days true love is difficult because many different mankind, including sin and worldly pleasures.
If you decide to cerebrate this day don’t do it as pagans or like People who never new Jesus. Don’t make this country as Sodom and Gomorrah
the Bible says when we sin we crucify Jesus on the cross again. God forgive us

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