Thursday, August 26, 2010

2G Gospel Music: Our mission and Visions

Our mission is:-

1. To give out Knowledge about Christian Gospel Music,that is True anointed Praise and Worship as something that Touches God's Heart, Bible says God seat on Praise and Worship and that Heaven is full of Praises and Worship.

2.To provide Gospel about True God and  acceptance of Jesus as Christ and Savior

3. To provide Christian Gospel and Music facilities E.g literature materials like books, Song lyrics etc

4. To Empower Christians' Gifts and Talents.

5. To Support ministries and Churches' programs

6. To provide entertainment e.g Online Christian Video and Audio Songs, photos, Advertisements, radio, TVs etc

7. To link people with other Online Services E.g ministries, News, Forums, Chats, Churches, Education Centers etc

And So many! 

We invite Sponsors and Supporters to Join us so as to make The Gospel of Jesus Christ Spread all over the World

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